The best restaurants of Rome

The best restaurants of Rome

The best restaurants of Rome presented by tour guide Jowita Ludwikiewicz, who on November 17th 2014 participated in the presentation of the restaurant guide “Gambero Rosso Ristoranti d’Italia 2015”. The “Gambero Rosso” guide is an authority when comes to testing the quality of Italy’s restaurants. Below is a list of the top 6 restaurants in Rome, where the food becomes poetry and art.

1) The best restaurants of Rome: “La Pergola” – Heinz Beck

In first place for many years already, is the restaurant “La Pergola”, located on the roof top of a well-known luxury hotel Cavalieri – Waldorf Astoria. “La Pergola” this year received 95 of the possible 100 points.

Since 20 years “La Pergola” is run by the German chef Heinz Beck. The dishes are highly sophisticated, but inherent in the Italian culinary tradition. As much attention is given the taste of the food as the aesthetics of the presentation. Try the extraordinary purses alla carbonara, where creamy egg and bacon literally explode in your mouth. An other great dish inspired by the Roman cuisine is the spaghetti cacio e pepe with lime-marinated white shrimps. For dessert pomegranate sphere served on hazelnut cream and cannelloni with salty pine nuts.

The restaurant has not only one of the impressive wine lists of all italian restaurants, but also a unique list of mineral waters that has no rival in any other restaurant in Europe. Only here in fact you can taste the Verena water from the Bahamas, filtered through humidity.

A plus for this restaurant is the impressive, breathtaking view that you can enjoy during and after your meal.

The restaurant is open only for dinner and stays closed Sundays and Mondays.

Cost: 205 euros per person (the price does not include drinks). You have to book well in advance, since usually “La Pergola” is fully booked.

Spaghetti z serem pecorino i marynowanymi bialymi rakami

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2) The best restaurants of Rome: Enoteca La Torre and Villa Laetitia – Danilo Ciavattini

This year the gourmet guide “Gambero Rosso” gave this Roman restaurant 90 out of the 100 possible points. The restaurant is located in a beautiful and elegant residence owned by the world famous fashion sisters Fendi.

The entrance leads through a small lounge where you can enjoy a tasty aperitif before you move on to the main hall. In the back there’s also a beautiful garden and outdoor sitting area where in the summer Sunday brunches and cocktails are organized.

The dishes on the menu of chef Danilo Ciavattini – are made only out of fresh products from the northern Lazio. Sensational is the pork tempura served with anchovies sorbet. Not to miss also the tagliolini with Bergamot and caviar. And for dessert tomato with lavender-flower ice cream.

Extensive wine list, in which amongst unattainable, old bottles you can also find more affordable wines for every pocket. It’s possible to order some wines by the glass.

The restaurant is closed Sundays.

Cost: 100 euros per person (the price does not include drinks).

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Spaghetti z wedzonym pomidorem

3) The best restaurants of Rome: Il Pagliaccio – Anthony Genovese

This elegant bistro is located in the heart of papal Rome. Contemporary decor and exquisite food has made this one of the most popular restaurants in the capital. This year, the restaurant received 88 points out of 100.

The cuisine of Anthony Genovese is a contemporary variation of flavors that find its inspiration in the far East. Dining in this restaurant isn’t just having a meal but it’s rather taking a journey into the unlimited world of exotic gastronomy and multiple cooking techniques.

Grilled octopus with asparagus, egg with the black tea aroma or dim sum with white shrimps and crispy beef are just some of the dishes that give an understanding of the high quality of this restaurant. Worth mentioning are the creations of “chef patissier” Marion Lichtle, famous for her contemporary desserts such as hot pineapple with rosemary croissant.

The wine list is the result of great passion and meticulous exploration of one of the best sommerlier in the capital.

The restaurant is closed Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays during lunch hours.

Cost: 135 euros per person (in the price of drinks are not included).

Rzymskie wakacje z Anthony Genovese

4) The best restaurants of Rome: Oliver Glowig at Hotel Aldrovandi Villa Borghese

In this year’s gourmet guide “Gambero Rosso” the restaurant got 87 out of 100 possible points. The restaurant is located inside the Hotel Aldrovandi close to the prestigious Borghese park. Great windows facing the garden are certainly a bonus for this elegant restaurant. Run by Oliwer Glowig. He is a German-born chef with a passion for Italian and Mediterranean cuisine. His dishes are very sophisticated, try the sea bass with ginger and mint served in asparagus broth. Interesting is also the tuna tartare on bed of mashed salad and condensed milk. Desserts are prepared by Elnava De Rosa and are an unforgettable experience in particular the cannolo with almonds, hazelnuts and lemon aroma.

The wine list is refined however with sustainable prices.

The restaurant is closed Sundays, Mondays as well as in months of January and February.

Cost: 120 euros per person (the price does not include drinks).

Oliver Glowig

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5) The best restaurants of Rome: Il Convivio Troiani – Angelo Troiani

If you’re in search of “good” quality food and excellent service this is the restaurant to book. Behind the relatively anonymous entrance is an elegant interior where tables are set at an appropriate distance to guarantee the necessary intimacy.

A good choice is the rich tasting menu available also in it’s shortened version with the possibility of associating appropriate wines with every course. Octopus with agretti and “false” pineapple and mustard mayonnaise is perfect as an appetizer before the vermicelli bucati all’amatriciana. For dessert homemade ice creams and sorbets.

In this year’s edition of the gourmet guide “Gambero Rosso” restaurant received 86 points out of 100.

The restaurant is open only for dinner and stays closed Sundays and in August.

Cost: 120 euros per person (in the price of drinks are not included).

Ristorante Convivio Troiani

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6) The best restaurants of Rome: Open Colonna – Antonello Colonna

The restaurant is located in one of the most beautiful places of Rome. In fact from the top floor of the Palazzo delle Esposizioni there’s an amazing view across the great spacious interior. Open Colonna is one of the most interesting restaurants in Rome when comes to contemporary interior design.

For several years, it’s the kingdom of Antonello Colonna. The chef focuses on the latest culinary trends, which often are introduced and experimented in his restaurant.

Every working day in the lower floor a tasty lunch buffet is served. Over the years it has become very successful also because of it’s attractive prices. On weekends you can go there for brunch.

Returning to the menu of the main restaurant, here you’ll find dishes based on traditional flavors of the Roman cuisine interpreted in an new interesting way. Taste the fois gras with figs and pizza or the risotto with smoked herring and rosemary. There’s a tasting menu for 95 euros per person.

The wine list is opulent and well organized.

The bonus of this restaurant is the cigar room, where you can smoke a good cigar with an appropriate drink.

The restaurant is closed Sundays and Mondays, as well as in the month of August.

Cost: 110 euros per person (the price does not include drinks).

OPen colonna

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