Jowita Ludwikiewicz

Jowita Ludwikiewicz, authorized tour guide

I have Polish origin but it’s been quite some time since I left my homeland. Different events in my life have tossed me around the world but finally I chose to come to Rome.

You can say that between Rome and myself it was love at first sight.

I still remember how much I enjoyed passing hours sitting at the Trevi Fountain watching tourists throw coins into it. I guess this is where my desire to get to know every inch of Rome, was born.

It took years of studies, thousands of pages turned and hundreds of books devoured to accumulate the knowledge necessary to become what the Romans call a “Cicerone,” or more commonly an authorized tour guide in Rome. To my clients I always say that I have the best job in the world because I made my PASSION become my PROFESSION.

By the way I also have the most beautiful office in the world… In fact, how many can say that they have a desk at the Coliseum or in the Sistine chapel?

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Jowita Ludwikiewicz, Wine Master and Oil Sommelier

Another passion of mine that recently has become a second profession, is wine. Since June 2017 I am Master Sommelier with the Fondazione Italiana Sommelier in Rome. In September 2018, I was invited by the Italian television network RAI 1 to pair wine with some traditional Italian dishes in a very famous cooking show called “La prova del cuoco”.

I have an extensive knowledge of Italian wine which has inspired me to tailor some amazing wine experiences just for you.

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About Roman Vacation and Services I offer

Roman Vacation is the page on which I offer unforgettable experiences that involve all senses. With me you can enjoy a truly Roman holiday where in combination with discovering history you also learn about the culture, cuisine, wine and life of the Eternal city. A professional tour guide can really make a difference and can turn a GOOD vacation into a GREAT one!

Rome is a magical city that should be experienced with all five senses, so don’t hesitate and book your amazing adventure in the Eternal City with Jowita Ludwikiewicz and Roman Vacation.

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