Wine and fountains

Why do this tour

This is a perfect tour of Rome for those who want to take a stroll through its charming baroque center while sipping a glass of great Italian wines.

Highlights of this Tour

  • Spanish steps paired with fabulous sparkling wine
  • Trevi Fountain paired with an aromatic white
  • Stadium of Domitian and Bernini Four River Fountain paired with a velvety red
  • View of Pantheon from a spectacular terrace paired with  “the God of the Italian wines” – Saguis Iovis


Start: 5.45 pm

Tour lasts: 2.5 hours

Meeting point: Under the obelisk on the top of the Spanish Steps.

Important information: Upon request, you can upgrade the tour an elegant dinnerin one of the best restaurants in the city center.

Tour description

The Wine and Fountains Tour starts at the Spanish Steps where old distinguished European aristocracy, artists and poets in the past met over a glass of wine while searching for new inspirations.

The aim of this tour is to take you back to those glorious times and to give you the possibility to relax while looking at this glamorous landmark, tasting the most aristocratic of the wines!

After this first stop, the Wine and Fountains Tour continues to the marvelous Trevi Fountain. As the evening approaches, the warm rays of the setting sun seem to transform the fountain’s white marble statues into living flesh while the sparkle of its running water shines like diamonds. The fountain is like a beautiful woman dressed to impress on the first date. Nearby this baroque jewel of architecture, we’ll taste a sensual white wine, rich in aromas and indelible flavors. Which wine? You’ll find out during the tour.

Now that you have explored some of the most iconic Roman monuments we’ll take you to Piazza Navona where 15ft beneath the ground Rome hides the glories of its Imperial past. On the Wine and Fountains Tour, you’ll discover the remains of an ancient Roman stadium that over the centuries was transformed into a spectacular square. 2000 years ago, from these walls echoed the shouts of the fighting athletes, today instead what you’ll hear is the buzz of chatting tourists and the soothing sound of water running in Bernini’s Four River Fountain.

The wine that you’ll taste here will be red, smooth and very expressive to underline the uniqueness of this incredible location.

Last but not least our “Grand finale”, is a tour of the best-preserved Ancient temple of Rome, the Pantheon. The timeless architecture of this ancient temple will perfectly pair with the unforgettable taste of “the emperor” of the Italian wines known for its longevity. The wine and fountains tour finishes in a uniquely spectacular location, the terrace of one of the most luxurious hotels in Rome where while sipping on the last glass of wine and tasting some fabulous treats prepared just for us you’ll enjoy the panorama of Rome and the Pantheon.

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Spanish Steps, Trevi fountain, Piazza Navona, Pantheon.