Ostia Antica – everyday life in ancient times

Why do this tour

Why choose this tour? This is an ideal tour for those who’d like to visit Pompei but don’t have the time to do it. In fact, Ostia Antica is often called the ‘Pompei of Lazio’.

Highlights of this Tour

  • Neptune’s bathhouse,
  • Ancient fire-department,
  • Roman theater,
  • Piazzale delle corporazioni,
  • Ancient launderette – fullonica
  • Ancient mills,
  • Ancient restaurant – Thermopolium
  • Forum bathhouse
  • Ancient public toilet


Start: Time of the tour will be decided upon booking

Tour lasts: 5 hours

Meeting point: In front of the entrance to Metro B Piramide station. Upon request the guide can met you at the hotel and there’s also the option of renting a car with a driver to go to Ostia Antica.


Entrance to Scavi di Ostia Antica:10 euros adults and 2 euros kids up to 18 years. We’ll purchase the tickets on the day of the tour.

Public transportation tickets: 3 euros that we’ll purchase on the day of the tour.

Important information: The tour takes place outdoors, therefor the clothing should be adequate to the climatic conditions: in the summer you need a hat and sunscreen, comfortable shoes, because we’ll walk on uneven surfaces.

Tour description

Near the Mediterranean see, amongst tall cypresses and aromatic pines, rise the ruins of Ostia Antica, a vast archeological area often called the ‘Pompei of Lazio’.

In the imperial times because of its unique location on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea right by the delta of the Tiber, Ostia played an important part in providing transport to Rome with food, marble, wild animals and slaves. At its peak the city had a population of almost 70 thousand people but after the crisis in the III century A.D. the population started to drop till the moment of total abandonment of Ostia in the VIth century A.D.

Over time the see has retracted, the river has changed its course and what once was a prosperous harbor has become a testimony of ancient life and traditions. Incredibly well-preserved ancient houses with frescoes, shops, thermal baths and mysterious temples give us an idea about the everyday life in times when Rome ruled the world.

How to reserve

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Scavi di Ostia Antica, Via Ostiense, Porta Romana, Baths of Neptune, Piazzale delle Corporozioni, Via dei mulini, Foro.