Dec 19, 2010

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Icy Rome!

Icy Rome!

Icy Rome, one of the great things about living in Rome is the good weather. My clients always ask me: “How is the temperature here in winter? Does it get very cold?”…etc I always reply that in Rome we usually have relatively moderate climate. It’s obviously hot in the summer but in winter the thermometer never drops below 32F…but this year things have definitely changed! Just look at the picture above! This is Rome yesterday. The low temperature of only 20F two nights ago created this magical show, it made the water in the fountains freeze, it made the sky release flakes instead of drops and it made all the Romans crazy…

I’ve lived in Rome for the past 11 years and before February 12th this year I’ve never seen the white flakes cover the black cobbled stone streets of the city. In fact the last snow fall before the current year’s one that the locals remember was in 1982. That however was an even more exceptional event hence that time the snow remained on the ground for three long days…INCREDIBLE! I have friends telling me of how the authorities of Rome, not used to snow, tried to get rid of it by pouring water on the streets, and what do you think happened next…It’s not hard to figure out, the water froze and the streets became a skate rink, slipper then what the rink down by “The Rock” in NYC is. And to make the whole “happening” just a little bit more amusing an anonymous prankster decided to dress the statue of Julius Caesar by Via dei Fori Imperiali. A woolen hat was put on his head and a matching scarf was hung around his neck while the hands were equipped with a pair of skiing rods…Caesar was ready to go skiing on one of the seven hills of Rome.


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