Jan 16, 2015

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Tour the Coliseum and Ancient Rome

Tour the Coliseum and Ancient Rome


A must on your list of places to visit while in Rome – the Coliseum was the biggest amphitheater of the Roman empire. The emperor Vespasian had it constructed as a gift to the people of Rome.

The Coliseum could fit approximately 70.000 Romans who from the tribunes used to cheer their favorite gladiators as well as condemn criminals to a cruel faith of becoming a lion’s meal.

Today the Coliseum is one of the most visited sights of Italy drawing everyday immense crowds. But no worries, if you book a tour with us you’ll be able to skip the long lines at the entrance.

After touring the Coliseum off to the Palatine where under the shade of the umbrella pines you can still see traces of what once upon a time were the imperial palaces. From the top of the Palatine hill you can enjoy a unique panorama of the Roman Forum, which used to be the political, religious, commercial and administrative center of imperial Rome. It was the town square where you went to hear the latest news, to exchange money and to meet with friends…From there you’ll go on an unforgettable walk in the footsteps of the Caesars and generals of Ancient Rome. You’ll visit their residences and learn about their glories and their failures. It’s a tour that you simply can’t miss!

Guided tour of Ancient Rome itinerary: Coliseum, Palatine hill and Roman Forum.

Time of the tour: 3 hours.

Best advised time to start the tour: 8.30 am. 

Upon request I arrange for priority VIP tickets to the museum in order to skip lines those tickets are 5 euros more expensive each.

You can also purchase the tickets directly on line using your credit card, to purchase the tickets click here…

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