Aug 30, 2010

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Angels and demons tour

Angels and demons tour

Angels and demons tour from Dan Brown’s bestseller to discover the altars of science and unveil the secret messages hidden in Bernini’s sculptures. Enter the lair of the Illuminati for a glimpse of “Passetto”, the secret passage that connects Castel Sant’Angelo to the Vatican and feel the thrill of visiting the prisons where the cardinals were held captured.

This tour is a thrilling experience where you discover Rome on the trail of Robert Langdon. You’ll visit the most beautiful squares of Rome as well as the unexplored sites where pagan symbolism and Christianity mix revealing a disturbing ancient truth.

Guided tour Angels and demons from Dan Brown’s bestseller itinerary: St. Peters basilica and square, Castel Sant’Angelo, the Passetto, Piazza Navona with Bernini’s Four Rivers Fountain, Pantheon, Santa Maria del Popolo and Santa Maria della Vittoria.

Time of the tour: 6 hours. 

Best advised time to start the tour: 9.00 am.

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