Jan 6, 2010

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Ancient Ostia, Pompei of Latium

Ancient Ostia, Pompei of Latium

Ancient Ostia, Pompei of Latium is situated 15 miles from the centre of the city. Amongst Mediterranean pine and cypress trees emerge the ruins of this ancient roman port, Ostia. The monuments here are far better preserved than those in Rome. What in the times of the Roman Empire used to be one of the largest and most lively harbor cities of the Italian peninsula. In the V century with the barbaric invasions, was abandoned and became silted up and therefor miraculously preserved.

The archeological excavations that started at the beginning of the XIX-th century have in the past hundred years brought back to light Ancient Ostia, a rare witness of ten centuries of Roman civilization.

With its frescoed houses, the square of the guilds, the thermal baths and the temples of Mithras, Ancient Ostia gives you a good idea of what everyday life must have been like in ancient roman times. It’s an open window on an intact Roman city and therefor it’s often called the Pompeii of Latium.

Time of the tour about 5 hrs transportation either by train from Metro B Piramide station or by car with driver. To book this tour click here…

Click here to link to the web page of the archeological site for opening hours and ticket prices.

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